About Opmeer


Opmeer aspires to contribute as much as possible to our nature and society through a variety of charities and nature & environmental organizations.

Endangered species are a key element to the preservation of our vulnerable nature. In addition to a direct contribution, Opmeer supports charities, nature & environmental organizations and art & cultural institutions in various other forms, a few of these projects and initiatives below are listed below. 

Wild Dogs project in Zimbabwe

For many years, Opmeer has been a proud sponsor of the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) Project in Zimbabwe, located in Hwange National Park. The project has grown from a small-scale initiative to a large nature conservation project with more than sixty local employees. Under the motto "conservation through action and education", the project has a broadly oriented program aimed at involving the local population in the effort to save the African wild dog, also known as Painted Wolves, from extinction. And with success, because despite the economic and political problems in the country, the number of wild dogs in Zimbabwe has increased since the project's inception.

Prevention partner for the Heart Foundation

Unfortunately, we have experienced several times within Opmeer how sudden heart failure can happen to anyone. Where we have the opportunity, we therefore support the Heart Foundation. The Dutch Heart Foundation makes people aware of the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol) and identifies people with a high risk. As a prevention partner of the Dutch Heart Foundation, we support the various studies in this area. 

Partner of The Boost Flanderijn Foundation

In practice it does not always seem self-evident to connect with the labor market in practice. That is why Opmeer contributes - in addition to offering internships - to The Boost of the Flanderijn Foundation. Thanks to this practical approach, the chance of finding a suitable job for them is actually increased.

AmbuSkaters for KIKA

You only wish children good things. You want to avoid suffering wherever possible. That is why we have been supporting AmbuSkaters from Opmeer for years. These ambulance skaters from The Hague skate in their spare time for KIKA, the foundation that aims to maximize the chance of a cure for childhood cancer.

Ecomare animal shelter on Texel

Young and sick seals, birds covered in oil, ducklings that have lost their mother… At Ecomare they receive the professional care they need. Our support for this fragile nature close to home continues unabated.

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