What we do

About Opmeer

What we do

Listen, proactively think along with you, and resolve. It is our aim to provide the best possible solution for your communication needs. What is the best way to reach your target groups? How can you create a lasting impression? How do you stay in touch with them? We listen to your requirements, proactively think along with you, and put a plan into effect for you.

Personal, with Attention to Quality

Businesses have been opting for Opmeer for more than 40 years because of our personal touch and the high-quality work we produce. But also because of the corporate social responsibility policy we implement. We always aim for results we can be proud of together, each and every day.

Online and Offline

The power of our service provision lies in the integral approach of our activities. Our customers’ questions are as diverse as our products – from printed matter and online communications to signing and project management. We work on concepts and products which address your communication issues. Our three Ps are: Paper, Pixels and Projects. Every single day we are 100% committed to making sure everything is perfect. This shows our passion.

Reliable, involved and complete.