EBN’s new magazine: from creation to realization

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Energetic opinions and backgrounds with Focus

CO2 storage, geothermal energy extraction, gas reduction ... It is clear that there is a lot going on within the energy industry. If you want to bundle all important developments in this area short and powerful every year, that is no sinecure. Nevertheless, EBN (Energie Beheer Nederland) has succeeded.

Since this year, EBN has gathered clear backgrounds and spicy opinions on current energy developments in their new magazine "Focus - Energy in Motion". We were given the nice task to give substance to this new magazine through concept development and design up to and including shipment and throughout the proces gradually also pick up the editorial part.

The question

EBN wanted to create a magazine in which not only facts and numbers would prevail, but the sharp opinions and essential backgrounds of these data would be prominently portrayed. Triggered by the attractive and appealing design of other publications that we have taken care of, EBN has contacted us. Our extensive experience of designing a lot of text and numbers - in a manner that is often experienced by readers as 'dry food' - made this a perfect project for us.

The solution

A special multidisciplinary team has been put together for this project, with a focus on concept development and design. With its own recognizable design and a pleasant balance in text and images, the reader immediately receives the most important information.

Image | In the concept we have focused on image in the broadest sense of the word. The magazine is enriched with infographics, so that large parts of or (more) complex information is easily and clearly visualized. Energy themes such as CO2 storage and geothermal energy have each received their own icon. Photographs and illustrations have been carefully chosen or designed to allow the background information to last.

Text | In the course of the creation process, it became clear that EBN also needed help in setting the right emphases in the editorial field. The text perception has been scrutinized by us, in order to effectively highlight important quotes and opinions and create striking headlines.

The result

The magazine has been produced in a sustainable manner and CO2-neutral in high offset quality and was delivered personalized. Thanks to the magazine "Focus", the supporters and stakeholders of EBN can now see at a glance what the energy industry is all about, with the emphasis on critical comments and underlying information.

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