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Network game Common Eye

The question

For some time, Common Eye had planned to translate their knowledge and ideas about working in networks into a workable form for use during training courses, workshops and master classes. They shared their ideas for the game to be developed by themselves with design agency same-d and Opmeer paper pixel projects. This was the next step towards a specific product.

The approach

In terms of content, much information was available thanks to the ideas and structured thoughts of Common Eye. How do you subsequently convert all that information into a specific, well-functioning product? On the basis of the experience gained with games, Opmeer worked out the first set-up for the Network Game together with same-d. The game literally took shape by offering relevant examples and physical models. A complete cost including planning was linked to this. This enabled direct switching and a decision about the final implementation was then made quickly.

The result

In the shape of a durable and sturdy cardboard board game, large game cards, and pre-punched cardboard tokens, striking illustrations and clear texts have been incorporated. Together with the manual as a brochure and two dice, they are offered in a handy box. The game box is made in such a way that the previously published book "Organize in and with networks" fits in with it. Through the board game with questions, statements and assignments, duos and groups are challenged to think about organizing in and with networks. Common Eye is proud of this completely self-developed game. The Network Game contributes directly to the tangible transfer of their expertise.

Do you want to know more about the game and how you can use it? Then check Common Eye or contact them.

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