Construction of The Hague Victory Boogie Woogie Tunnel

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Tunnel in the picture

After a whole year underground, the tunnel drill for the Rotterdamsebaan at the end of business park De Binckhorst in The Hague saw the light of day again on January 10th. In the presence of many press, this festive moment was celebrated that day.

For this special occasion, Studio Duel has created a photo album with beautiful images of the drilling of this Victory Boogie Woogie tunnel. The book Victory has been handed over by councilor Revis to one of the builders.

In July 2020, the Rotterdamsebaan, which largely consists of this tunnel and connects the A4 and A13 motorways with the center of The Hague, must be ready for use. Impressive to see how at Opmeer, commissioned by Studio Duel, the first part of the tunnel construction sees the light of day in book form. In this way, we see another Hague achievement emerging on paper and in practice.

Zo bereiken wij samen uw doel. Op papier en in de praktijk.