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ISO 14001+ CO2 reduction management levels 1 and 2

Since October 2018, Opmeer paper pixel projects has been certified as the first graphic media company in our branch and as the second organization in the Netherlands for the ISO 14001+ CO2 reduction management level 1 & 2.

For us it is a logical continuation of our current 14001 certification and our CO2 neutral production, which requires continuous improvements.

Every year we monitor our sustainable steps, such as reducing our CO2 footprint and the consumption of our energy. The system of the European Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) helps in this, among other things by mapping out the full power consumption. We also record all results in our Environmental Barometer and CSR Balance from Stimular.

Thanks to this complete insight, we can implement energy-saving measures every year. Even though we use green energy from wind energy, our CO2 footprint can still be smaller. We compensate our final CO2 emissions at COOX4Climate, for cleaner air and forest conservation in India. We will also publish our achievements in a transparent report in a Sustainability Report next year.

Together with our relations we strive for sustainable results and we are proud of that!

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