The old fax is derived from the word, and it means an identical copy of the original. In this context, you might think of original documents, books, pieces of music, works of art, prints or maps, which, in view of their origin, are often invaluable and forever kept in safes. 

Because of their vulnerability, the decision is sometimes made to issue a limited number of copies as reproductions which are – virtually – identical to the original. This allows the item in question to be more accessible to a wider group of people. The original can be stored away in a safe and controlled manner. It is always a challenge for us to choose the perfect materials and finishes, making sure the facsimile cannot be distinguished from the real thing. It is a truly painstaking task. And that is exactly what we excel at, and why we can make a real difference for you.

The resources implemented are a choice, and the total project determines its success.