At Opmeer we work for your mailings and products that require transparent packaging with bio-foil. We use a semi-transparent foil made of cane sugar as standard. This film must be disposed of as separate waste with the plastic so that it can be properly recycled after use. This foil is therefore not degradable, but it is made from renewable raw materials and not from the scarcer mineral oils.

Biodegradable film

In addition, we use a clear biofoil for many of our customers from a sustainability point of view. The main advantage of this foil is that it is biodegradable and is also made from renewable raw materials. For example, biofoil is made from corn, potatoes, grains or bacteria and is completely biodegradable. This film is also provided with the compostable logo and thus gives a clear sustainable message to the product.

Compostable or not?

Biofoil complies with the European EN 13432 standard for compostable materials and can therefore carry the compostable logo. This means that this film must be broken down to at least 95% in an industrial composting installation within 12 weeks.

However, is is not always in reality the case because many people mistake the foil for plastic when unpacking the product and dispose of the packaging as plastic after use. For those who do follow the composting guidelines and dispose of the packaging as GFT waste, it does not garrantuee that the biofoil will be composted correctly. The reason why is because in the Netherlands we use a processing period of four weeks for compostable materials. Which means that GFT waste is sorted, with the result that the biofilm is removed from it and is still incinerated as household waste. This has recently been investigated by the VPRO program "De Keuringsdienst van Waarde".

What are the benefits of biofoil?

• Use of natural, renewable raw material

• No use of petroleum

• The production of biofilms is CO2 neutral

• Compostable, with the exception of organic waste

Want to know more about foil packaging?

Do you as an organization also value sustainable and corporate social responsibility? We are happy to discuss the various options and advantages per material type with you, so that you can make a good sustainable choice.

Reduced environmental impact is better for all of us.