CO2 Neutral


CO2 Neutral

We already have very low CO2 values, but every year we have the challenge to bring these values ​​down even further.

CO2 neutral with cookstoves

Deforestation is one of the major environmental and climate problems of our time. Almost half of all the world's forests has already disappeared. This has several causes. For example, 2.9 billion people cook on an open fire every day, burning a lot of wood. In addition, they usually do this indoors, which means that poor social conditions, health complaints and air pollution are the order of the day.

We already have very low CO2 values, but every year we have the challenge to bring these values ​​down even further. We compensate the final values ​​to be able to produce CO2 neutral.

We think it is important to be conscious with our people and resources. But unfortunately we do not have complete control over the number of kilometers that are made. This is why we naturally encourage the use of bicycles and public transport. And for the business kilometers, we almost only use energy-efficient models with euro 6 engines or hybrid cars. We then compensate the CO2 emissions that we cannot neutralize in a Fair Climate Project. As a result, we reduce CO2 emissions elsewhere in the world and contribute to a fair climate by making people in developing countries resistant to climate change. We do this with the help of projects from the Fair Climate Fund.


Tsjaad Cookstoves for Refugees

Fair Climate Fund has projects that offer companies the opportunity to offset their CO2 emissions. Long-term projects such as COOX4Climate have measurably proven that the so-called cookstoves are a success and that they combat deforestation and reduce soot emissions (Black Carbon). A cookstove in a poor country saves on average just as much CO2 emissions every year as 10 solar panels in the Netherlands.

Fair Climate Fund is officially accredited for CO2 compensation. Opmeer has contributed to COOX4Climate for several years and is currently contributing to the “Tsjaad Cookstoves for Refugees” project, in which families in a refugee camp in eastern Tsjaad cook on solar energy with solar cookers.

Reduced environmental impact is better for all of us.