CO2 Neutral


CO2 Neutral

We limit the production of CO2 during our production processes by implementing various environmental impact and energy reduction methods. Simply compensating for our CO2 emissions through the purchase of CO2 credits is not good enough, although is an excellent added benefit. 

Thanks to many years of commitment from our employees and the sustainable choices made together with our customers, we have achieved actual reduced environmental impact. Compensation for the remaining CO2 emissions generated annually occurs by purchasing CO2 credits from the Haagland Climate Fund.

This method ensures CO2 neutral production while at the same time contributing to a sustainable society. We can map out your CO2 footprint at the product level using the certified ClimateCalc method (ISO 14064-2). This information provides concrete input on which you can base awareness and green choices.

The Haaglanden Climate Fund is involved with a variety of different projects: from the more sustainable heating of school buildings and museums, right through to a special campaign which will see the replacement of the well-known pear light with LED lighting. Some of the projects we actively support include the solar panel project at The International School, the sustainable renovation of the national monument De Witte Roos (The White Rose) in Delft and installing sustainable lighting in the Vredespaleis (Peace Palace).

Reduced environmental impact is better for all of us.