In our opinion, quality, sustainability and CSR do not necessarily prohibit a competitive price. Corporate Social Responsibility and cost efficiency are extensions of each other. We are capable of responding to the very latest environmental insights, and subsequently continue lowering costs by using fewer chemicals and less energy, and avoiding unnecessary printed matter wastage. 

We verify that we are using environment-friendly types of paper for every production run, as well as how much CO2 we are emitting, and whether we are budgeting costs effectively.

We always continue to focus on an optimal price/quality ratio within the parameters determined, and proactively provide advice about the latest developments. We stay in touch and participate in knowledge circles and thematic sessions relating to CSR, and sustainability is a standard aspect of our policy. We make things happen together with our business partners. Our internal and external collaborations ensure that objectives are realised and we are constantly able offer each other new challenges with an eye to the future.

We are also committed to people who find themselves outside the job market by offering a number of Social Return projects. We provide workplace positions and internship opportunities, varying from introductory sessions to project participation and full training courses.

Reduced environmental impact is better for all of us.