ISO 12647 Colour Guarantee


ISO 12647 Colour Guarantee

At Opmeer, we have measuring equipment at our disposal which measures every nth printed sheet in accordance to ISO 12647. 

This takes place inside our state-of-the-art printing presses, while in other machines, our press technicians measure the sheets using a special spectral scanning IC device. These measurements ensure that any potential colour variations (i.e., colour measurements falling outside the limits of this ISO standard) can be identified immediately and adjusted for order production.

This allows us to adjust colour deviations before they can be perceived by the human eye. This method ensures that we maintain colour uniformity both for large and small print runs, as well as for the various different print orders. We therefore ensure that your full-colour house style colours are exactly the same on the various different tested paper types.

Reduced environmental impact is better for all of us.