PEFC™ paper

How sustainable is paper nowadays? The answer may surprise you. At this very moment paper is one of the most sustainable products in our daily life. Of course, you have to take a number of things into account to put it into good practice. At Opmeer, sustainability is one of our most important topics. Our entire operation is designed for this, whereby the processing of certified paper such as PEFC™ and FSC® is (just) one link in our complete supply chain.

What does the PEFC™ quality mark stand for?

PEFC™ (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is an independent quality mark to promote sustainable forest management, in which the attention for people, planet and profit is shared equally. Characteristic of PEFC™ is the bottom-up approach. This explains the beginning of the international establishment from national organizations of 11 different European countries. Each country has its own characteristics that are respected by PEFC™, which sets the sustainability criteria for each country. This creates support for sustainable forest management at national level.

PEFC™ has been a global organization since 2004. PEFC™ Nederland is one of the national members from more than 45 countries that is affiliated with PEFC™ International.

Woodland owners with small, sustainably managed forest ownership play an important role at PEFC™. For them, PEFC™ was the first system that made group and regional certification possible. Therefore, their products became recognizable in the market as sustainable. Worldwide this still contributes to a positive impulse for sustainable forest management.

What does a PEFC™ quality mark mean on printed matter?

In order to make a joint contribution to responsible forest management and the growth of the forest area in the world, we advise our clients to opt for responsible products. After all, thanks to the proper management of a forest area, the less risk there is for forests to disappear because of the construction of palm oil plantations or mining.

If you choose a paper with the PEFC™ quality mark, you have the guarantee that the product comes from sustainably managed forests. The ultimate goal of PEFC™ is that all forests in the world are managed in a sustainable way. By choosing this type of paper and placing the PEFC™ logo on your print, you also contribute to raising awareness and demand for products from these sustainably managed forests.

For more information visit the international website of PEFC.

Reduced environmental impact is better for all of us.